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SafeKey is a small but powerful USB device providing secure logins to your social media accounts, webmail, cryptocurrency exchanges and other online accounts. All with a simple touch of a button. SafeKey Pro also acts as a secure storage device to store shares of your encrypted backup or inheritance plans created via

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Keep Your Online Accounts and Secret Data Safe from Hacks, Loss and Phishing Attacks.

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One Key For Many Applications

A top-notch security key. Enabling stronger two-factor authentication and extra secure, passwordless logins. Allowing you to securely access the websites, applications and services you use day-to-day. Browse the SafeKey compatibility list to find a list of products, services, and applications that work with your SafeKey.

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Helpful Tools For Your SafeKey

An open-source tool utilized for updating firmware of SafeKey devices and establishing manual backups of Inheriti® plan shares.

World's first and only 100% decentralized platform to create digital inheritance and encrypted backup plans.

SafeKey Bundles To Get You Started

ÔéČ95,00 ÔéČ85,00
SafeKey Starters Kit

Get started with SafeKey and protect your online accounts and digital data.

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  • 1 x SafeKey One (ÔéČ35,00)
  • 1 x SafeKey Pro (ÔéČ60,00)
ÔéČ70,00 ÔéČ60,00
Social Media Protection Pack

Protect social media accounts against hacks and phishing attacks.

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  • 2 x SafeKey One (ÔéČ35,00)
ÔéČ120,00 ÔéČ110,00
Personal Backup Pack

Create decentralized and encrypted data backups.

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  • 2 x SafeKey Pro (ÔéČ60,00)