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Strong authentication that eliminates passwords and delivers a more secure and frictionless login experience.

Experience A Faster And Safer Login Process Without Using A Password

Online accounts have become the standard to do anything online. Think about social media, online shopping, online courses, remote working or managing your emails.

Everything requires a personal account that usually needs you to set a password. While relating email addresses to passwords has reached a peak and became the general rule, most experts on security and authentication agree on one point: passwords are no longer safe and they’re a thing of the past.

The “new kid” in town is called passwordless login and thanks to your SafeKey you can become part of the rising trend to make your login process extra secure, but also super fast.

Let’s get into the details.

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The Hidden Time And Cost Of Passwords.

Passwords are a drain of productivity and the average user struggles to manage passwords for a dozen or more accounts.

Studies show that approx 75% of users stop using a website after they have to reset their password and 30% of users even abandon a payment process if it requires setting a password.

Just think about your own experience as a user: setting yet another password is quite frustrating.

You can also not oversee the costs associated with passwords. More than a third of helpdesk tickets are related to passwords or password-related incidents.

IT leaders estimate that employees have to enter 12 passwords an average per day, which is estimated to be a total of over 20 lost hours per year.

Passwords belong to the past. Start embracing passwordless logins

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What Is Passwordless Login?

In short, passwordless login means that a user gains access to a website or service without using a password, filling in secret codes or answering security questions.

Instead, the user identifies himself in another form, for example with biometrics such as a fingerprint or with a hardware device like the SafeKey.

It works like magic.

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Passwords Are Fundamentally Broken And No Longer The Answer.

Most user-generated passwords are too weak for security purposes. People are forced to memorize a bunch of frequently changing passwords.

To make things easier, most people use the same -weak- password for everything or they write it down on sticky notes.

Thieves and hackers can take advantage of this to steal your user accounts and data. Did you know that hacked user accounts are a main cause of major data breaches? Simple authentication methods that require only username and password combinations are inherently vulnerable.

Hackers can gain access to your account using a variety of techniques:

  • Brute force methods – using software to generate random username/password combinations or exploit common weak passwords like 123456
  • Credential stuffing – using stolen or leaked credentials from one account to gain access to other accounts (people often use the same username/password combination for many accounts)
  • Phishing – using fake emails or text messages to trick a victim into replying with their credentials
  • Keylogging – installing malware on a computer to capture username/password keystrokes
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks – intercepting communications streams (over public WiFi, for example) and replaying credentials

SafeKey fixes this.

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No Password Is A Better Password.

By going passwordless, the effort of having to create and securely store a separate, long and complex password for each user account is eliminated.

This results in:

  • An improved user experience by eliminating password fatigue
  • Higher security by eliminating risky password management
  • A peaceful mind by eliminating the need to issue, secure, change, reset, and manage passwords.
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How Does Passwordless Login With Your SafeKey Work?

When logging into a website, you generally authenticate yourself by providing a username and a password. With SafeKey you will have to confirm the login with a click on the button of the connected SafeKey device.

Passwordless login is a form of authentication made possible by the FIDO2 standard. It’s important the service you want to use it with has this feature enabled.

If implemented by your preferred service, it allows you to save the login credential on your SafeKey and subsequently use it to skip the traditional authorisation process.

The ultimate goal of this feature is to use websites and services without the need for a user-generated password.

If the service does not yet support the FIDO2 standard, the predecessor standard FIDO U2F offers the possibility to use robust two-factor authentication. In addition to your password, all you need is your SafeKey and you can trigger secure two-factor authentication by pressing a button.

But that’s another story.

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Benefits Of Using Passwordless Login With A SafeKey

  • Security: higher security by eliminating risky password management
  • Simplicity: no need to issue, secure, change, reset, and manage passwords anymore – simply touch the SafeKey to verify and you’re in.
  • Usability and peace of mind: the effort of having to create and securely store a separate, long and complex password for each user account is eliminated.
  • Privacy: no confidential information will ever be shared and no personal information is associated with the secret.
  • Anonymity: thanks to public key cryptography, no shared secret (private key) is sent over the internet at any time.
  • Plug & play: Supporting all common web browsers, no additional client software or driver installation is required.
  • Integrated phishing protection: high security against phishing attacks through integrated domain check.
  • Reduced security costs since less accounts get hacked or exploited.
  • Less support tickets for helpdesks since forgotten passwords and password resets are a thing of the past.
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You should select your SafeKey based on the services (i.e. websites and apps) and devices you want to use the SafeKey with. Please see the resources below to help you decide on which SafeKey will be your best fit.

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