Why Use A SafeKey?

Discover why you should use a SafeKey and how it'll help you eliminate the security vulnerabilities you're facing today.

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The Vulnerabilities You're Facing Today

A list of threats your SafeKey will protect you against

Phishing Attacks

According to CISCO’s 2021 Cybersecurity Threat Trends report, about 90% of data breaches occur due to phishing. These attacks are designed to trick you into revealing sensitive information, such as login credentials, through fake emails or websites.

Account Takeovers

A study by security.org shows the average successful account takeover incurs losses of around $12,000. Around 22% of adults in the US have already been a victim. Account takeovers occur when a hacker gains access to your account and steals your personal information or uses it for fraudulent purposes.

Data Loss and Theft

Data loss and theft can occur when a hacker gains access to your personal information, such as financial details or personal documents. This can lead to financial losses and damage to your reputation.

Ransomware Attacks

Leading research and publishing firm Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that ransomware costs will reach $265 billion by 2031. Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts your files. You are then asked to pay a ransom to the attacker to restore access to the files, often through the use of cryptocurrency.

Inaccessible Funds After Death

If your accounts are not properly secured, your funds may become inaccessible after your death. This can cause difficulties for your loved ones and may result in the loss of valuable assets.

Loss of Confidential Business Information

If your business accounts are not properly secured, they may be at risk of losing confidential business information to hackers or competitors. This can lead to financial losses, damage to the company's reputation, and a loss of competitive advantage. Protecting against the loss of confidential business information is crucial for the success and security of your business, and using a SafeKey can help mitigate the risk of this type of attack.

World Class Security Thanks To SafeKey

Stronger Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Most of the big websites and companies make use of two-factor authentication. But beware: numerous publicly known cases show that even SMS as two-factor authentication method is easy to hack. Thanks to SafeKey, your online accounts remain protected even if your password gets stolen.

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Extra Secure Logins

Identify yourself by touching a button on the SafeKey. With SafeKey you can stop using tedious and insecure passwords. No password policies, no sticky notes with passwords and no forgotten passwords anymore. From now on, you log in easily and securely to your accounts.

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Phishing Protection Included

SafeKey uses public key cryptography to verify a user’s identity and URL of the login page ensuring attackers can’t access your account even if you are tricked into providing your username and password.

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Encrypted Backup and Inheritance Plans

SafeKey Pro has been designed with custom internal storage that allows you to store shares of encrypted backups and inheritance plans that are created via inheriti.com.

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One Key For Many Applications

A top-notch security key. Enabling stronger two-factor authentication and extra secure, passwordless logins. Allowing you to securely access the websites, applications and services you use day-to-day. Browse the SafeKey compatibility list to find a list of products, services, and applications that work with your SafeKey.

Compatibility List

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You should select your SafeKey based on the services (i.e. websites and apps) and devices you want to use the SafeKey with. Please see the resources below to help you decide on which SafeKey will be your best fit.

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Why Use A SafeKey?

Discover why you should use a SafeKey and how it'll help you eliminate the security vulnerabilities you're facing today.

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