Introduction To SafeKey

Safe Haven's SafeKey, enabling strong two-factor and passwordless authentication in conjunction with secure data share cold storage. The only key compatible with Inheriti®. Start your journey here.

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Meet The SafeKey. It's Like a Secret Door Key to Protect Your Online Identity and Sensitive Data Against Theft, Loss and Hackers

Keep your accounts protected with a SafeKey device. Phishing-resistant security for your most important accounts and services.

Stronger Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is critical to secure your accounts and services online. Keep your accounts protected with a SafeKey.

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Passwordless Logins

Strong authentication that eliminates passwords and delivers a more secure and frictionless login experience.

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Encrypted Backups

Have you ever thought about what happens if you lose your personal data? Or what if someone intercepts one of your personal devices or backups and gets hold of the passwords for your online accounts?

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Digital Inheritance Plans

A digital inheritance plan manages the transfer of secret data like social media and email accounts from someone who passed away to his/her beneficiaries.

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Built For Trust and Security

The SafeKey is an easy to use extra layer of security for your online accounts. A single SafeKey has multiple functions for securing your user accounts, secret data and digital assets.

Only Device Compatible With

SafeKey Pro has been designed with custom internal storage that allows you to store shares of encrypted backups and inheritance plans that are created via

Store Encrypted Data Shares

SafeKey Pro is enabling you to confidently store passwords, private keys, social media accounts and other sensitive data in a way that is secure and empowering.

Better Than Any Authenticator App

The SafeKey hardware functions independently of any operating system and protects your secret keys against theft, loss, user mistakes, phishing, brute-force attacks, computer viruses and other malware.

Extra Secure Logins

SafeKey provides secure logins to your social media accounts, webmail, cryptocurrency exchanges and other online accounts. All with a simple touch of a button.

Easy Usage

Using SafeKey is very easy. You configure your SafeKey once to pair it with your online accounts. From now on, you confirm your login by a simple tap on the touch button (optional: by a PIN). In addition to a common web browser, you don‘t need any additional client software or driver installation.

Phishing Protection Included

SafeKey uses public key cryptography to verify a user’s identity and URL of the login page ensuring attackers can’t access your account even if you are tricked into providing your username and password.

High Security

Your encrypted data shares are stored in the tamper-resistant and PIN-protected device and are secured against computer viruses, other malware, phishing, loss, theft and brute-force attacks.

Future Proof Standard

All common web browsers already support FIDO2 and WebAuthn. Also more and more websites like Google, Facebook and Binance support WebAuthn for authentication.

Made In Europe

SafeKey is developed and produced in Europe. For the sake of higher quality and security, we do not use cheap manufacturing or components.

One Key For Many Applications

A top-notch security key. Enabling stronger two-factor authentication and extra secure, passwordless logins. Allowing you to securely access the websites, applications and services you use day-to-day. Browse the SafeKey compatibility list to find a list of products, services, and applications that work with your SafeKey.

Compatibility List

The SafeKey Family

Different SafeKeys for different needs.


SafeKey Pro

Encrypt your secret data and create digital or crypto inheritance plans for your family.

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Create inheritance and backup plans
Setup encrypted backups and digital or crypto inheritance plans via Create different shares & shareholders.
Encrypt and store secret data
Use your SafeKey Pro with
Protect online accounts
Stronger two-factor authentication and passwordless logins.
Phishing protection

SafeKey One

A stronger way to protect your accounts against password or phishing attacks.

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Protect online accounts
Stronger two-factor authentication and passwordless logins.
Phishing protection
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Find The Perfect SafeKey to Fit Your Security Needs

Discover all features and technical details of the different SafeKeys and select the one which suits your needs best.

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You should select your SafeKey based on the services (i.e. websites and apps) and devices you want to use the SafeKey with. Please see the resources below to help you decide on which SafeKey will be your best fit.

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Get strong security in minutes with the SafeKey, a hardware security key that provides phishing-resistant two-factor authentication and encrypted data storage.

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Why Use A SafeKey?

Discover why you should use a SafeKey and how it'll help you eliminate the security vulnerabilities you're facing today.

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SafeKey Documentation

Learn how SafeKey works and how it's used.

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