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Individual Use Cases

Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Phishing protection
Online identity protection
Secure logins to social media
Passwordless logins
Encrypted backups of secret data
Digital inheritance plans

Crypto Use Cases

Secure logins to crypto exchanges
Encrypted backups of private keys
Crypto inheritance plans
Decentralized data backups
Self-custody protection
Web3 asset protection

Professional Use Cases

Passwordless workspaces
Keep sensitive data safe
Secure employee accounts
Store encrypted data shares
Protect employees against phishing attacks
Manage privileged accessibility
Protect your workspace


SSDP (Secure Share Distribution Protocol)
Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chromium, Opera
Operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux
WebAuthentication (WebAuthn)
With touchbutton
USB 1.1, Type A