Secure Backups Of Sensitive Data

SafeKey in combination with Inheriti® is the safest solution for your secure data backups.

Secretly Carry Sensitive Data With You On SafeKey’s Storage

SafeKey has been designed with custom internal storage that allows encrypted shares of sensitive data to be stored offline. SafeKey is also the only device that’s compatible with Inheriti®, our platform to create your own data backup plans.

Thanks to our self-developed and patented Secret Shares Distribution Protocol (SSDP) you can easily set up data backup plans with a combination of your SafeKey and Inheriti®. This unique process is developed so that you (or multiple people if you want) can safely maintain (shared) ownership of your data via different SafeKey(s).

If a backup plan ever needs to be opened, the SafeKeys have to be brought together to merge and decrypt the individual shares. If that’s done successfully, the secret data gets revealed. Until then, the data stays decentralized and secret, only known to you as the creator of the backup plan. Each individual share is useless on its own but when all the shares are together, they reconstruct the original secret.

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What Is A Secure Data Backup Plan?

A secure data backup plan allows you to securely distribute private information— “secrets” — in different encrypted shares amongst an untrusted network. In our case: different SafeKeys.

A secure data backup plan helps you to store data in such a way that it is unreadable or unhackable, in difference to storing secret data in plain text on your computer or hard drive.

Setup a secure data backup plan to keep your digital assets such as bank accounts, digital wallets, passwords, photos, videos, receipts, lyrics, certain online accounts or even your biggest untold secrets safe.

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The Problem With Traditional Data Backups And Storage Devices.

In an advancing digital world, the distribution of secret data is critical in terms of digital assets and private information. Currently, centralized digital vaults or personal hard drives act as digital ‘safe havens’ for data but these storage methods are under constant threat from hackers aimed at gaining access to your private data.

The rise of the internet and digital assets requires a more secure method of safeguarding information which can harbor high valuations. Available backup options require trust in a trustless world and are no longer effective in providing the most secure methods of storing sensitive data.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your hard drive crashes? Or the company that builds your password manager gets hacked or disappears?

There should be better and safer ways to keep your data safe, right?

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Prevent Data Loss With Your Immutable Personal Backup Plan.

Have you ever thought about what happens if someone intercepts one of your personal devices or backups and gets hold of the required passwords for your online accounts? One person can easily steal or hide all your data without you even noticing.

A backup plan created with Inheriti® and stored on multiple SafeKeys gives you the power to keep control over your assets forever.

Think about:

  • Email accounts
  • Social media accounts
  • Private keys and seed phrases to access your crypto and NFTs
  • Data from all your devices: computers, smartphones, …
  • All data stored on your hard drives or in your cloud
  • Domain names
  • Bank accounts
  • Investments

So how does it work?

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How Do Backups Work With Your SafeKey?

The most secure solution is to create your own secure data backup plans through Inheriti® in combination with multiple SafeKeys. It’s the only 100% decentralized solution available and its unique Secret Shares Distribution Protocol (SSDP) has multiple patents in different jurisdictions around the world.

Simply said: Inheriti® encrypts and splits data into secret shares. Those shares are then stored on multiple SafeKey devices and have to be brought back together in order to reveal the data.

Important to note here is that you never directly store funds or actual assets on your SafeKey. Instead you leave data or credentials (guidelines, private keys, passwords, user names, pin codes, …) to access the location where your assets are located.

With this, SafeKey is enabling people to confidently backup private data in a way that is secure and empowering by smartly applying Shamir’s Secret Sharing Algorithm.

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Shamir’s Secret Sharing Algorithm

Shamir’s Secret Sharing Algorithm is a way to split a secret, like a password or a passcode, into multiple pieces called “shares”. These shares can be given to different people, and any subset of them can be combined together to reveal the original secret. However, if any one share is lost or stolen, the secret cannot be reconstructed.

One of the key advantages of Shamir’s Secret Sharing Algorithm is that it allows for flexible access to the secret. For example, you can create a situation where any two shares can be used to reconstruct the secret, or you can require that all five shares be used. This allows you to tailor the security of the secret to your specific needs.

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Benefits Of Managing Backups With Your SafeKey And Inheriti®.

SafeKey in combination with Inheriti® is the safest solution for your secure data backups.

  • Stop worrying about your secret data
  • Keep control over your own data, forever
  • Create multiple backups
  • Eliminate intermediaries
  • Avoid data loss
  • SafeKey allows you to plausibly deny the existence of data
  • Use tamper proof and patented technology
  • Highest standards of security and military grade encryption
  • Ongoing independent audits
  • 3-Layer topology
  • Lifetime validity
  • 100% decentralized
  • No critical information is stored in databases
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You should select your SafeKey based on the services (i.e. websites and apps) and devices you want to use the SafeKey with. Please see the resources below to help you decide on which SafeKey will be your best fit.

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