Inheriti┬« is part of the Safe Haven ecosystem. It’s a DeFi application to create (decentralized) encrypted backups and inheritance plans.


SafeKey And Inheriti® Are Shaping The Future of Digital Inheritance And Encrypted Backups.

The most secure solution to create your own encrypted backups or digital inheritance plans is through, in combination with multiple SafeKey Pros. ItÔÇÖs the only 100% decentralized solution to digital inheritance and its unique Secret Shares Distribution Protocol (SSDP) has multiple patents in different jurisdictions around the world.

Inheriti® makes it possible to transfer secret and sensitive data after your death, without anyone else being able to access it in advance or without your consent.

Simply said: Inheriti® encrypts and splits data into secret shares. Those shares are then stored on multiple SafeKey Pro devices and have to be brought back together in order to reveal the data.

We from SafeTech Labs are the core developers behind SafeKey, and the whole Safe Haven ecosystem.